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Compado is a company that partners with direct advertisers to present their services on our comparison sites, offering modernized and evolving strategies for sending the optimal traffic to your brands. Our emphasis is with the online dating scene, focusing on two separate brands for serious and casual dating, though we do operate with meal delivery and VPN services.

Compado offers its clients direct, non-incentivised traffic to your brands with online sites from media that is owned and operated by Compado itself. This makes Compado's services different from a standard affiliate or affiliate network program, sending online traffic to our partners directly from our own media buying activities.  To put it simply, Compado buys search traffic, delivers it to our comparison sites, and from there visitors choose one of your brands.


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“We were thrilled with the results! Compado is one of the leading companies for affiliate programs for a reason!”

Compado's relationship to its partners is important to us, and is built on a framework of cooperation and dedication toward achieving the goals that we set out for. We work hard to see that our partners' expectations are met with flying colors, producing the kind of growth they deserve. These testimonials reflect the kind of positive, encouraging relationship that we like to have with our partners.






Compado stands as one of the leading comparison sites for online dating brands, and is constantly pushing for innovative design and strategy.


Compado is dedicated to producing optimal results for our clients and the visitors to our sites.


We generate over 300,000 leads monthly for all of our partners and the number is continuously growing. 


Compado specializes in professional comparison branding services.


We deliver impactful, sophisticated reviews for each of our clients, tailored to produce results which make them stand out in the online dating field.


Compado offers a smart, evolving, fast, and effective comparison of brands to set itself apart from other comparison sites and to ensure that our partners get the most out of our services.


Because Compado owns the sites that it uses to present our partners, we are able to:

  • Quickly evolve the promotion of our partners' services

  • Optimize traffic searches for our brands

  • Deliver traffic directly to our partners through our own media buying strategies 


We can also modify and evolve these strategies when our partners request it to make sure that their experiences is ideal.


The relationships that Compado develops with its partners is intended to last a life-time, and we strive to give our partners results which exceed their expectations.


We want you to enjoy the relationship that you have with Compado when you partner with us, so partners who stay with Compado have seen an increase in benefits to working with us, including revenue sharing and an adoption into pay per sale strategies that translates into higher earnings.



Compado strives to offer its clients leading services intended to optimize results and to ensure that our partners see an increase in traffic. Compado operates its services around the world in a multitude of languages and is steadily growing. Let Compado grow your business for you by partnering with us today. 

Operating Around the World:
We at Compado offer comparison services for our partners’ brands on a global scale, tailor made to fit their needs and expectations.

Our comparison sites are operating in over 50 countries in more than 15 different languages globally and are frequently updated to reflect contemporary trends and strategies.

Results that Count:

The result of Compado's industry-leading approach toward high-quality presentation and analysis is an average of over 300,000 monthly leads.


Compado’s partners see a direct and sizeable increase in their own traffic thanks to our high-quality optimization of search results and presentation on our comparison sites.  

Reliable Returns and Long-Term Benefits:

Compado works on a Cost Per Lead (CPL) basis, generating guaranteed returns for our partners with our online ranking systems and comparison sites.


For partners who we build a rapport with, we also offer revenue sharing and Pay Per Sale (PPS), further increasing their potential profit growth with Compado's services.

Compado encourages a culture of creative presentation and business to business partnership, and has been bringing our clients’ ideas into existence since 2008. We work closely with each partner to create solid strategies that will produce measurable results for online traffic.

Coworking Space

If you would like to become a partner with Compado to have your sites featured on our comparison pages, please use the contact form here. 

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Telephone: +49 30 208 987633

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